Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mr Obama Lost his kidney

When Mr Barrak Obama became President, After a few months he invited their special guests to a party  which held in Hotel California at Palo Alto, this is a famous and good hotel among rest of hotel in California. they enjoyed a lot, Mr Obama called waiter to bring a cold drink, the waiter brought cold drink and Mr Obama went to his room to sleep.

about a in early morning Mr Obama awoken and started his day, when all guests gathered at Breakfast Table, Mr Obama was looking very happy, all friends ask Obama that you are so happy, he replied that after many years i cam and stayed here after my second father, and dont know what i eat last night but this time iam feeling very light, and unbalanced, i cant stand on one leg, One of the friend laughed and said your kidney has been stolen (Because he had already lost his kidney is this hotel). Mr Obama and other guests surprised all they all said in one voice that it impossible....... Mr Obama said i dont know, i was here in my bed, and this is hotel not hospital.

All request him to remove shirt and let us to see, when they saw there was a big cut, and Kidney was stolen by a thief. Mr Obama called waiter and asked why u did all that, he excused and said that the manager of this hotel ordered me to do all this, because u r special person and this one kidney shall make my life, So that i did.
Its a joke as well as a indication for readers to be alert while u stay in such hotels.

Note: waiters dont afraid of Mr Obama so what about we people, may be they take every important thing from our body. 

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